Glenda Sburelin


Born in Pordenone in 1972, she studied advertisement graphics and photography. Following her love for drawing, she approached the world of editorial illustration for children, publishing more than 40 books with Italian, European and international publishing houses. She is also very passionate about artistic research, and she uses various techniques such as painting, ceramics and resin. Apart from various illustration exhibitions, she has displayed her work at various events and personal contemporary art exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, and in collectives of artist’s books. She has taken part in a number of illustration exhibitions including the following: the Illustrators’ Exhibition within the Bologna Children’s Book Fair; the Portuguese Biennale “Ilustrarte 3” and “Ilustrarte 4”; “Le immagini della fantasia” in Sàrmede (Italy).


In a children’s book, illustration together with the text plays a very important role, because it helps the child understand the story better, but also accompanies him through an aesthetic as well as cognitive journey. For me, illustrating a book means taking the child by the hand and offering him an experience in which to experiment emotions, to understand and elaborate the reality that surrounds him. Mine is a symbolic, metaphorical language that takes into account the child’s perceptive and cognitive mechanisms: the metaphor does not tell a direct reality, but represents a fantastic place where the child recognizes those sensations, those emotions as his, and is able to understand them. I like to depict a world in which everyone can rediscover sensations, memories, dozing sides in their own unconscious and feel that they have a value of universality. Therefore, the themes I hear most are those related to the sphere of feelings and relationships, the universality of human values ​​and the condition of living beings in relationship with the environment and nature.

Glenda Sburelin​