About Brightness Award

The Brightness competition is a non-profit event open to both amateur and professional artists from any country. The aim is to give artists the ultimate platform to develop their passion and career in the illustration sector. Finalists will benefit from exhibiting, and showcasing their work to art critics and art directors.

Our aim at Brightness Magazine is to promote your art, and not to own it. You will continue to own all rights to your work. We are simply looking for you to grant us the rights to feature your art and promote you as an artist. Think of this as an exciting collaboration with other artists and a great way of creating a global cooperative movement in the illustration industry.

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Brightness Magazine

Brightness is founded by Narjes Mohammadi (Hasmik) and Sadegh Amiri in 2016 as a digital magazine to present exclusive interviews with contemporary illustrators, who are so professional at their job with many valuable experiences which could help young artists. Alongside, it promotes current projects around the world with reviews and criticisms.


brightness news

Brightness News

In 2019, The Brightness-illustration-news-Agency was founded by Sadegh Amiri and Narjes Mohammadi to cover any news and events related to illustration. This agency is a part of Brightness company .

(Brightness Studio)

Brightness Studio (Bristu) is founded by Narjes Mohammadi (Hasmik) and Sadegh Amiri in 2010.
BRISTU is a multidisciplinary creative team, working on a wide range of design. Creating solutions in all the areas, from Website and magazine design to product design.

Brightness Founders
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Sadegh Amiri

Art Director

Narjes Mohammadi


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